Media kit

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about the Exam Oga brand, and how to use it.

Our Name

“Exam Oga” or “Oga Exam”

“Oga” “/əʊˈɡɑː/ /ˈɒɡə/”  A term used in Nigeria to denote someone with power and influence. This might be a leader, king, chief, employer, superior or someone with another form of status or prestige. 

Logo Guidelines

Let it breathe. Our logo shouldn’t feel crowded by its surrounding elements. As a rule of thumb, it should have at least as much space on all sides.

Let it scale. If you’re using our logo on the web, please use the SVG files when possible.

Don’t mess with it! We like our logo just the way it is, so please don’t:

  • Enlarge or shrink any part of the logo.
  • Surround the logo with a stroke.
  • Use a drop shadow with the logo.
  • Make a new container for the logo.
  • Disproportionately scale, skew, shear, stretch, or flip the logo.
Logo Colour
Our logo is available in green, white, and black variants.
Use a green logo over very light or dark backgrounds. Otherwise, use a white or black logo depending on which is more legible.
Colour Palettes

0, 128, 96
165, 100%, 25%

255, 255, 255
165, 0%, 100%

0, 0, 0
165, 0%, 0%

Our Logo

Exam Oga green logo
Exam Oga green Icon
Oga Exam black logo
Exam Oga black logo
Media kit - Exam Oga Blog
Oga Exam black logo
Exam Oga Blog Logo
Thanks for your interest in Exam Oga!

We’re also happy to help with any questions you have. Just email [email protected]. You’ll reach a real human who can arrange interviews and provide original materials. 🙌

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